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CEF Peptide Pools

What are CEF peptides

The CEF Control Peptides are 8-12 amino acids in length, with sequences derived from the human Cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr Virus and Influenza Virus.

These peptides are used in the stimulation of IFNγ release from CD8+ T cells in individuals with defined HLA types, they are useful in applications such as ELISPOT, intracellular cytokine and CTL assays.

These peptides are available as pooled peptides at 0.25 mg each (cat# 61036-025) or 0.5 mg each (cat# 61036-05).

All CEF peptides are provided as net weight based on peptide content. Certificate of Analysis includes data from mass spectrometry, HPLC and amino acid analysis.


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