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PLP a key protein of the CNS myelin

Proteolipid protein (PLP) is the most abundant protein in the central nervous system myelin sheath and is highly conserved among species. PLP has a 50% hydrophobic amino acids content and a molecular weight of 30 kDa.


Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Mouse PLP (139-151) is able to induce autoantibody production and relapsing-remitting neurological disease causing extensive plaque-like demyelination. Autoantibody response to mouse PLP (139-151) has been observed in induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) in SJL, F1, and SWR mice strains. However, the exact pathological role and action of anti-mouse PLP (139-151) autoantibody is not well understood.

PLP (139-151), PLP (178-191) have both proved efficient as EAE antigens.


Why measure anti-PLP amount?

The amount of anti-PLP antibodies in biological samples including serum or cerebrospinal fluid can provide useful information about the extent to which PLP imparts roles in the development and treatment of MS pathologies, including EAE in mice model.

AnaSpec was pioneer in developing proprietary ELISA Assay Kits for anti-PLP (139-151) IgG and anti-PLP (178-191) IgG quantification.

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