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Free Thiols Quantification

Protein quantitation is key to so many physiological and bioprocess applications, that a sensitive quantitation is almost impossible to ignore. AnaSpec's sensitive OPA-based fluorimetric protein assay allows for faster and sensitive protein quantitation.

Thiols are compounds that contain sulfhydryl group, and are powerful reducing agents capable of acting as antioxidants, enzyme cofactors, and neuromodulators. Thiol quantification allows for measuring the amount of thiol/sulfhydryl (-SH) groups in samples of thiolated proteins or antibodies. Quantifying the number of free thiols in a sample can determine the efficiency of conjugation reactions in several applications.

  • NADP/NADPH Quantitation

    Fluorimetric and colorimetric kits for quantification

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    FLuorimetric and Colorimetric to measure Total GSH and GST activity

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