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Pancreatic polypeptide (PP) is a member of the pancreatic polypeptide hormone family that also includes neuropeptide Y (NPY) and peptide YY (PYY). These peptides share a similar structure known as the PP-fold. Pancreatic polypeptide was the first of the PP-fold peptides to be identified and sequenced. It is a 36 amino acid peptide with an amidated C-terminal tyrosine and is derived from a 95-amino acid precursor called prepropancreatic polypeptide. PP is secreted in the F-cells of the islets of Langerhans and are found in the pancreas, gastrointestinal tract and CNS. The effects of PP, including inhibition of pancreatic secretion, gall bladder activity, and intestinal motility, are mainly located in the gastrointestinal tract. Recently, PP has been found to inhibit ileum contractions and stimulate colon contractions. In addition, PP affects metabolic functions, including glycogenolysis, and decreases fatty acid levels. It may influence food intake, energy metabolism, and the expression of hypothalamic peptides and gastric ghrelin. Plasma PP has been shown to be reduced in conditions associated with increased food intake and elevated in anorexia nervosa. Pancreatic polypeptide may be involved in tumorogenesis, as seen in PPomas, which are rare malignant tumours of the PP cells of the Langerhan’s islets that secrete excessive pancreatic polypeptide.

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