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Cardiovascular Disease research assay kits

AnaSpec constantly expands our selection of SensoLyte® Cardiovascular protease assay kits employing FRET or other technologies that make High Throughput Screening of protease activity, protease inhibitors and inducers, accurate and fast. Using AnaSpec’s assay kits may shed new light on proteases and their effect on the cardiovascular system.


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Cardiovascular proteases

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries. Proteases are vital to the regulation of its normal physiological state, but abnormal cardiovascular protease activities may lead to pathological processes such as atherosclerosis, altered blood coagulation, and hypertension.

Certain matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), calpain, cathepsins and caspases are involved in cardiac remodeling associated with heart disease or damage. Low MMP ADAMTS-13 activity is associated with ischemic stroke. Renin, an aspartyl protease is involved in the activation of the renin–angiotensin system, which when overactive leads to hypertension. Plasmin activity necessary for dissolving blood clots, instead results in the formation of blood clots when its activity is disrupted.

Therefore, many cardiovascular associated proteases such as Thrombin, Factor Xa, and those previously mentioned can be potential therapeutic targets for drug discover.

FRET substrates

FRET occurs between a peptide tagged to a donor and an acceptor when placed within 10-100Å of each other resulting in the donor’s excitation fluorescence to be quenched by the acceptor. Enzymatic hydrolysis of the peptide results in recovery of the donor fluorescence following spatial separation of the donor and acceptor upon energy transfer.

Dye (donor) Quencher (acceptor) Donor Ex/Em
SensoLyte® 390 Mca Dnp

 325/393 nm

SensoLyte® 490 EDANS DABCYL

 340/490 nm

SensoLyte® 520 5-FAM or HiLyte™ Fluor 488 QXL®520

 494/521 nm

SensoLyte® 570 5-TAMRA QXL®570

 547/574 nm


Fluorogenic substrates

These substrates do not require a quencher and contain a C-terminal dye that does not fluoresce until it is cleaved from the peptide (fluorescent form of dye is released).

Dye (donor) Donor Ex/Em
SensoLyte® AMC AMC

 351/430 nm

SensoLyte® AFC AFC

 382/480 nm

SensoLyte® Rh110 Rh110

 501/527 nm

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