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Nesfatin is a neuropeptide encoded in the N-terminal region of the Nucleobindin2 (NUCB2) protein showing anorexigenic effects. It is believed to be produced via peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARS). The NUCB2 is proteolytically cleaved into three nesfatin peptides of which nesfatin-1 has been shown to limit food intake. Produced in the hypothalamus regions it plays an important role in the control of hunger and fat storage. Increased nesfatin-1 in the hypothalamus contributes to satiating effects thereby reducing hunger and hence has implications for weight and fat loss. In addition, it plays roles in diabetic hyperphagia, epilepsy, mood, stress, anxiety, sleep and reproductive functions.
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Nesfatin - 1 (24 - 53), human 0.5 mg AS-65571 $188
Nesfatin - 1 (24 - 53), mouse 0.5 mg AS-65572 $188
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